【BD系列-2】新藥授權實務與經驗分享-- 聚焦觀念 、 策略 、 執行與管理實務(已結業)


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【課程名稱】(更新)新藥授權實務與經驗分享-- 聚焦觀念 策略 執行與管理實務
【課程規劃專家】 葉常菁博士
【上課時間】2018/09/08 ,週六13:30-17:30
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Grace Yeh President & CEO, PharmaEngine, Inc.
Grace has 30 years of experiences in new drug development, in-licensing and out-licensing activities, for products in early stage as well as late stage of development at US biotech companies and PharmaEngine.
Wenji Chen VP of Corporate Development, Taiwan Liposome Company
Wenji has 20 years of experiences in business development for evaluation, due diligence, and transaction of technology and assets in early discovery & development stage at GSK US and Shanghai as well as biotech companies. 
Vera Wu Business Consultant, KyrMar Advisor
Vera has 20 years of experiences in business strategic planning focusing on marketing, partnership management, value proposition, and commercialization for new drugs including biosimilars in late stage at Pfizer.
Many startup companies in Taiwan are looking for global partners for opportunities in collaboration and licensing. However, the lack of business development experiences in partnering process, communication, execution, and management often results in long and non-productive processes to achieve business goals.  
Business Development (BD) for partnering generally involves the processes and activities in the following sequences:
  1. Scouting, Assessment, and Due Diligence of Opportunities:
    • How to identify, assess, engage, present, and communicate with potential partners? 
    • How would global partners like to see and/or de-risk during assessment and due diligence before the deal?   
  2. Negotiation and Transaction of Deal:
    • How to determine the business model, prepare term sheet, and negotiate terms/conditions of the agreement?   
  3. Alliance Management of Partnership:
    • How to manage joint committees, parties’ performance and expectation?
    • How to red flag and remedy the issues?  
Though BD generally follows the activities above, the process, focus and issues for these activities may vary with drug candidates at different R&D stages. The three presenters with complementary BD expertise on partnering drug candidates at various stages will share their experiences and learnings at this lecture.
Lecture Presenter Topics
I. Wenji Chen BD for collaboration and licensing of platforms and drugs in early R&D stage
II. Grace Yeh BD for licensing of drugs in preclinical and clinical stage
III. Vera Wu BD for commercialization, supply and distribution of drugs
IV. ALL Case studies